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Damage Control -- Play with power they say...

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Unfortunately... I have pics to add to my own damage section again... It started out more than a year ago, when I was driving around, and the car started to miss. I ended up pulling all the plugs, and found one with the gap closed. Something had to have been up at that time, but I had driven the car there, and was 150 miles from home. I re-gapped the plug, and drove the car some more. NO PROBLEMS. As you will see below... I probably should have pulled the head, especially when I had the engine out this winter. But no, I freshened the bottom up, and plopped it back in.

As my luck would have it, this incident happened again, only this time the electrode of the sparkplug disappeared inside the plug, as this pic showed, and caused a strange backfire.

I did a compression check 150, 150, 150, 100. Oh crap... Off with its head.

Well, you came here to see damage, right? As you can see, my hypers finally bit it. Guess it was just a matter of time.

Closeup of the carnage. Only forged for me from this point forward. I couldn't afford them at the time. This engine ran for 4.5 years, and a LOT of abuse. I can't really complain too much.

Fortunately, the head survived. It will need some work, but it is salvagable.

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