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Damage Control -- Play with power they say...

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Jim408 sends us this picture of what an input shaft should not look like. This is indeed "playing with power"


What can I say... it appears the cam really was bad. It roached ALL the bearings, and I fear the block is toast as well.

I need to do more investigative work, but it is looking almost like there was no oil, except I know there was, both because the gauge, and because most of the lobes and lifters look great. Something else was wrong. These were the same bearings I have used in every 351w combo I have built to date as well, so I really don't think it was them. That leaves the cam, which my machinist said was 10 degrees off of the cam card from the get go. I should have known better than to even try to run it. *sigh*

The front bearing roached into the block. Can't tell yet if it spun or not...

Pulled the engine out and tore it down today. Here are some more pics. ick.

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