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Current Project -- The Eternal Project

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The shortblock of the current combo has survived 4 years without a single break, meltdown, or problem of any sort. It is time to reward its dependability with a fresh set of bearings. While the engine is out, it is a good time to put in a Flaming River steering shaft, so I can get rid of the slop that is the Ford factory steering shaft and rag joint.

I almost know how to take the engine out of a Mustang with my eyes closed... belt, fan, radiator...

hood, headers, fuel delivery system, drive shaft....

Exhaust, drain the oil, heater hoses and any electrical (grounding straps, etc)... And yes.. the AC stays, as does the power steering. There is cruising with power, but there is also cruising with style, and putting rice burners behind you while not breaking a sweat....

Feb 26, 2000

Well, no pics this time, but the engine is out, the pan is pulled, and all looks well. It does need bearings, but there is no sign of any wear/gauling/spinning, etc on the crank, or on any of the rods that I have gotten the caps off of thus far. This is GOOD. Good oil really works... Can still see all the crosshatches on the cylinder walls from when it was machined 5 years ago, about 200 1/4 mile passes ago, and countless autocross excursions.

Thanks to Mobile Oil Company for some good stuff, and thanks to Hubert Adams Repair and Performance for some damn fine machine work.

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